How to use a weight loss coach to make healthy lifestyle changes that stick

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This post show you how working with a weight loss coach can get you to your desired goals and make them last.

Have you ever met someone that you that you wanted to be best friends with right away? You knew right away that this person had to be a part of your life?

Well, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know someone like this recently. Her name is Jen Beck and she is a Registered Nutritional Consultant and Weight Loss Coach based out of Cincinnati, OH. She began her work in this industry 20 years ago when she sought out alternative treatments for a family member that was struggling with serious health issues. The woman knows her stuff.


Nope, I’m not trying to lose weight, we are in a business group together and I’m so thankful that our paths crossed.


If you have any desire to change your habits, for good, and create a healthy lifestyle, she is your gal. If you want to make real, big, permanent change in the way you treat your body, you need to call Jen.


It’s not about counting calories and working out with her. It’s about getting to the bottom of why you’re not living a healthy life and changing that. The benefits go well beyond weight loss. Things like regaining your energy, zest for life, growing professionally and personally, enhancing your relationships, and taking risks to move forward.


Don’t wait until the new year to get going on this change, do it now, do it today. The sooner you start the sooner you will be living the life you want to live. In 6 months, you will be so happy you started today.


To get to know Jen a bit, take a look at our interview below. After the interview, I wanted to run over and sign up for her program. She has so much wisdom around creating a healthy lifestyle, so many can benefit from working with her.


At the bottom are all the ways to get in touch with Jen to start making changes today, even if it’s just a follow on social media.

Wishing you all the luck in the world with your big health goals, you deserve to live as the best version of yourself.


How would your parents describe what a weight loss coach does?

They say that I help people. I help people be present with what’s possible for their life. To look at where they’re at now and make changes based on where they want to go. In a way that really works for them. And that I do so through compassion and curiosity, two of my biggest strengths. I really am like a detective when I’m helping them get to the bottom of their weight issues.


In a world of so much misinformation about dieting and weight loss, how do you stand out as an authority, as someone your clients can trust?

I look at the root cause of their health issues and address that, not just the symptoms such as being overweight or high blood pressure. I really focus on the drivers of their health issues: mental, spiritual, emotional, or physical. I determine which one needs a boost and that is how I formulate their plan for a new lifestyle.


My goal is to get my clients back into the flow so that they feel happy, energetic, life feels easy, they have mental clarity, and can do the things they want to do. Whether that is growing their business, getting that promotion, or being able to keep up with their kids. I want them to think of this as a lifestyle, not a life sentence.


As a weight loss coach, I also focus on small steps to move my clients forward in their goals. If you made one small change a month, think about what that would look like in a year? Layering win, upon win encourages my clients to keep going, it drives them to work towards the next success, and ultimately delivers that big change they want. But you don’t have to do it all at once.


How is your system/service different, what makes you stand out?

I use a system called LIIFT with my clients. This stands for:

  • Life
  • Improving
  • Internal
  • Focus
  • Technique


This system looks at self-limiting beliefs we collect throughout the course of our life. In particular as children. These beliefs create the filter we see life through. I help clients look for the disbeliefs that don’t allow them to live their happiest lives. I help them replace negative beliefs with empowering beliefs and thoughts.


Think of it as you would a software program. If you have a bad line of code, the program won’t work correctly. If you change that code to the correct one, the program suddenly works. It’s the same premise here, but we are working with the subconscious mind. This practice has changed my life immensely, and now I get to be a vessel for others to help them make big life changes.


Who do you feel could benefit the most from your services?

Women 40-60 that want to lose weight and/or heal their bodies.

Women who want to create a healthy lifestyle. Those who want to lose weight long term by addressing the deeper issues and those who want to resolve chronic issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or autoimmune disease, etc.


What is one thing your program did for a client that you didn’t expect?

I had a client who had struggled with an eating disorder for over 40 years. She never mentioned this to me so we were not actively working to resolve this issue. Within 3-4 months of working together, it was gone. Three years later, it’s still gone.

She also received a big promotion at work, traveled alone for the first time, and began living a full life. She lost the weight she wanted to lose but also created an incredible life beyond that.


I had another client who would come home from work each day and no matter what time it was, 4:00 pm or 7:00 pm she’d get in her pajamas and wait to go to  bed. Every night. After a brief time working together she began dating, ballroom dancing, traveling. All of this before she lost the weight. She had to step into the new before she shed the old. Being a weight loss coach is so much more than helping a client loose weight.


What is the best compliment you’ve received from a client?

That I’ve completely changed their life.

There is no greater honor for me.


Tell me about a client that changed your practice/services?

It wasn’t so much one client, but evolution as a result of working with many clients. I saw the need for the work around the overeating drivers which led me to add the LIIFT component to my program. It has been the biggest change in my practice.


What makes you feel inspired or like your best self?

  • Being a mom.
  • Speaking on stage or working with clients. (It’s a tie between these two)
  • Being outside.


What do you do for fun outside of work?

  • Hang out with my daughter.
  • Walk my dog.
  • I love being outside, hiking, anything on the water such as kayaking, canoeing, or boating.
  • I love food. All kinds of food. So going to new restaurants is fun for me. I’m a bit of a hack in the kitchen, but I do cook and I do it with love.


If you could run a billboard with anything on it, what would it be/say?

It would be a photo of two different couples side by side. The first couple would be sitting on the couch, frumpy and unhappy looking. The second photo would be a couple thriving, out on a tennis court. It would read “Create a lifestyle, not a life sentence.”


How do people get in touch with you, or find out more about you?


Jen can be reached at

You can follow her on Facebook at


Or you can schedule a FREE call with her: Tired of feeling flabby, frumpy, and less than confident in your clothes because of extra weight? You deserve to have incredible energy and confidence!

Schedule a Health Breakthrough Session with Jen Beck to discover what is holding you back in your health and create an action plan to see immediate results.


If any of this interview resonates with you, I hope you take a small step to move your health goals forward, today. I’m rooting for you!


Please share this with a friend who could use some healthy (life)style love.







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