10 gift ideas for dad

Do you need ideas for what to give the dad in your life for Father’s Day? Look no further. This post has some great ideas and links to click for your shopping convenience.

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“Guess what we got you for Father’s Day???

I’ll give you a hint, they are just like shorts but you can wear them in the water!”


“Open it, open it, open it! It smells just like perfume but it’s for boys.”

As a kid, my sister was the queen of the blow-it hints when it came to gifts. It was just too exciting for her to hold in, she loved to give a good gift.

Still does, but she can keep a secret now.

Are you looking for a Father’s Day gift that will knock the socks off your husband, boyfriend, father, uncle, or fill in the blank father type person? 

I’ve got some great ideas for what to give the dad in your life this year. I’ve never covered men’s clothing on my blog but I have had male style clients before, so I have a few of my favorite spots to source things and thought I’d share with you, since you may be fresh out of ideas for Father’s Day.

What would be the best gift for dad?

The answer to this is up to you really, but I always think a great gift is thoughtful, something you know they would like or have had their eye on, but also has a touch of you in it. Maybe something they wouldn’t buy for themselves, or something they really want but feel foolish buying for themself. 

Whatever the gift is, it is truly the thought that counts. 

What do dads want for Father’s Day?

Honestly, I’m not sure. But it’s nice to give them something to show how much we appreciate all of their:

  • Lifting heavy items
  • Opening up jars
  • Taking out the garbage
  • Modeling ideal male behavior to your kids 
  • Love and support

They do a very important job, and why not get them something fun and frivolous to celebrate all that they are and do for us. If you need some inspiration for what to give the dad in your life, you’re in luck. I’ve selected a few items below that would be stand-out gifts for the dad(s) you need to buy for this year.

Inspiration for what to give dad(s) this year

navy blue suede and canvas Converse sneakers. What to get dad this Father's Day.

What dad doesn’t need a new pair of kicks? These Todd Snyder x Converse collab sneakers are perfect for the mixture of classic and cutting edge dad.

Clothes are always a great option. This linen/cotton polo comes in a couple of colors as do these linen shorts. The tipped collar polo is such a fun twist on a classic, and has a handful of different options.

Accessories are a great option and something a lot of dads don’t buy for themselves. These retro crew socks with the colored stripes are great for an active dad heading out to play golf, basketball, or tennis. The joggers are perfect for lounging around, but feeling dressed. The woven polka dot belt is over the top preppy and a great addition to the classically dressed dad’s closet.

navy blue duffle bag with separate space for shoes is a great what to give dad for Father's Day ides

A duffel bag for weekend trips, running to the gym, and everything in between is a great option. This one has a separate compartment for shoes. Convenient and good looking, I want one of these, too.

Shaving stuff, but make is non-toxic. This shave “cream” helps eliminate nicks and cuts without added chemicals. And for after shave, try this shave oil to heal and soothe the skin. You can purchase these and many of my favorite clean beauty products at Beauty Heroes .

There you have it my take on some great Father’s Day gift ideas. A few of these will be gifted to the best dad I know, my husband. Hope you found some inspiration here, too.



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