What to wear for a holiday party this year. 8 outfits to inspire the season

What do you wear for a holiday party after another topsy-turvy year? This blog will give you some great ideas to help you look your best this party going season.

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Christmas 1983.

Madonna vibes were dominating fashion and my holiday outfit vision board, or the the 1980s version of one.

I wanted to wear:

A Black skirt just below my knees

Red deep v-neck sweater

Crisp white shirt underneath

Black lace tights (my nod to the then up and coming pop star)

I was in 7th grade and I had a clear idea for my holiday outfit.

Without the lace tights, this outfit was a basic skirt and sweater. It would never work.

Problem: my mother wouldn’t let me get them. She said lace tights were too adult for a young lady.

She was killing my fashion buzz. Hard.

What to wear for a holiday party

Fast forward to the current day. I’m working with my 7th-grade twin girls to pick their holiday outfits. I’ve continued the annual tradition I had and loved with my mother (even though I never did get those tights).

They are choosing pants.

From the boy section.

That’s all they are willing to wear. But, I keep trying different angles to sway them.

“A dress would be so much easier, one and done.”

Not having it.

Trying to position a jumpsuit as a viable option— ”it’s pants, just with a connected top,” I say.


Style-wise, they could not be more different than I am or was as a kid.


In third grade, they were assigned a president and had to do a report and give a presentation dressed as the president or his wife.

I assumed they’d want to go as Mrs. Jackson and Mrs. Hoover. I mean that is what I would have chosen to do at their age.

Wrong. My two were dead set on dressing as the president they were assigned.

Off to Nordstrom Rack, we went (I was not paying full price for something I thought they’d only wear once) to purchase two boy’s suits.

Turns out, they put these suits on each day after school. When we returned home from soccer games on the weekends. Just after a shower or to watch a show. They wore them whenever they could.

Clearly, they love nothing more than a good pantsuit, and who am I to stop them.

Everyone should wear what they want, always, but especially for the holidays. So today for my what to wear for a holiday party this year post, I’ve included pants suits, dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, and sweaters. There may even be a pair of lace tights in here. I want to make sure there is something for everyone.

Last week I focused on casual holiday party outfits, this week we are going fancy, or fancier. I’m never really all that fancy.

Take a look below at what I pulled together for you today. All additional information for each item can be found on the hyperlinked text.

One and done holiday outfits

Two piece holiday outfit ideas

Check out the cuffs on this white shirt. This is great for layering, but the simplicity of this simple shirt with a splash of sparkle pairs perfectly with this feather skirt. Add a bit more sparkle to your ear, pretty heels and you have solved your what to wear to a holiday party question.

Nothing says holiday like a matching red velvet jacket and pants suit. This one is in the girls (or ladies) section, but it has that masculine influence with the feminine touches to make it sophisticated and festive. These simple low heel shoes are the perfect addition and I’d wear a silk camisole under the jacket to keep things clean. Add a shimmer headband to take this holiday look over the top.

Here’s another fun skirt covered in dangling sequin topped with a simple but elegant black sweater. Black sandals, sparkle earrings, or a necklace are all you need to complete this holiday look.

A black tuxedo jacket and pants are an elegant look for the holidays. Add a punch of color with these bow flats. I’d either wear a cami in black or a color from the shoe. Keep it simple with this holiday outfit.

This ball gown skirt is so fun and comes in a handful of different patterns. Paired with a turtleneck in a coordinating color or a crisp white shirt makes for a super festive holiday party outfit. The beauty of this skirt is you could wear your slippers underneath. It hits the ground so wear shoes that are comfy if you want. While this is a holiday party blog post, this would be a great outfit for a home soirée even if it’s just your immediate family, why not get dressed up?

If you have somewhere special to go this season, I hope these inspire you to find the right outfit for you. No matter what that may be. May you get your grown up version of Madonna inspired lace tights this season.





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