5 places where you can buy capsule wardrobe basics

This post will answer the question, where to buy capsule wardrobe basics. These are the same recommendations I make to my 1:1 clients

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When I meet with clients one-on-one, the first and most panicked question I get is:

  • Will you tell me where to shop? 
  • Can you help with shopping? 
  • How will I know where to buy the additional items I need?

People feel overwhelmed by figuring out where to purchase the best items, at a great price and that look good on. I by no means have that all figured out, I’ve got some great ideas for places for you to start.

Where to buy capsule wardrobe basics

When I do the shopping for my clients, I have a handful of places I go to gather the essential pieces they need for their capsule wardrobe. Today I’m sharing those with you! My secret spots that I shop when helping clients curate their capsule wardrobe basics.

You are welcome!

These brands are really for foundational timeless pieces that every wardrobe needs. That being said, even if you don’t subscribe to a capsule wardrobe, these basics would work in any wardrobe. 

1. Cuyana

Photo credit: www.cuyana.com

This brand was created by two women who believe that you don’t need more, just better wardrobe items. Their motto is fewer, better things. Cuyana means love in the Quechua language which the indigenous people of the Central Andes speak. 

They want you to love every item in your closet. For the record, so do I.

To make sure this is the case Cuyana spends a lot of time designing classic pieces, then source the best materials to make it and do so all in the same geographic area to keep costs down. I found this brand when looking for a new purse. Their leather items are amazing. But recently it’s been the clothes that have my attention. It is a great place to find timeless pieces that you can wear over and over again.

Their items are eco-friendly and sustainable. There are many reasons to feel good about any purchase you make from this brand.

2. Classic Six New York

Photo credit: www.classicsixny.com

A highly edited closet full of purpose is their motto.

The capsule wardrobe collection is designed by a stylist frustrated with not finding classic pieces for her clients. The original launch consisted of six highly elevated basics that you can wear from a wedding to the grocery store. Because the brand has been so well received, they have launched some of the original six pieces in different colors and added two additional pieces to the capsule collection.

This brand is very high quality, well made, and truly timeless. While these items aren’t cheap, they are affordable for what they are and how often you will wear them. My clients who are in need of essential basics love this brand. I hope you do as well.

3. Alex Mill NY

Photo credit: www.alexmillny.com

Uniforms for individuals is the focus of this brand. This is something I talk a lot about with my 1:1 clients. Find something that works for you, and wear it over and over again, make it your uniform. I send a lot of clients here to find those uniform pieces. While they are classic in style, they have a bit of an edge to them as well, which makes them more interesting. I teach my 1:1 clients about mixing edgy and conservative items in an outfit, this brand does that with each piece. Making it easy for effortless style.

This is a great place to shop for casual basics that are clean-cut and will not go out of style anytime soon. 

4. Shop Buru

Photo credit: www.shopburu.com

Mom. Life. Styled. This is their motto. The brain behind this brand is Morgan Hutchinson. Even though she and her husband run the company, she is the face and designer behind the fun, vintage feel garments created. While they do have staples such as turtlenecks, classic white shirts, and black pants, they constantly have new releases of capsule collections. These beautiful groups of clothes all work together and are a great way to flesh out your capsule wardrobe 8 essential pieces with pattern and color. Her items have lots of both.

They do a combination of using an overseas facility and creating garments in their own micro-factory in LA. Because these releases are pre-order, it eliminates the waste of unsold merchandise. You feel good about buying from this small family run business.

Their pieces are beautifully made, are all washable (say goodbye to dry cleaning costs) and everything has pockets! Pure genius.

Buru carries tons of fun pieces and accessories and Morgan is always showing interesting ways to wear the clothes she’s created. You can go wild as she does sometimes, or just wear the pieces plain and simple, they speak for themselves. 

5. Vetta Capsule

Photo credit: www.vettacapsule.com

Create a wardrobe that you love. This is their mission statement, and they make a simple task of it. This brand focuses on high-quality, sustainably made pieces that all work together. They have six different types of capsule wardrobes for you to choose from. The Wanderer, The Tuscan, and The Classic are a few. You can take a quiz to figure out which capsule suits you—who doesn’t love a fun quiz. Or, you can simply look at each and choose one that speaks to you. 

They also have the option to buy individual items from each capsule or create your own capsule with tiered discounts based on how many pieces you purchase. Each capsule contains 5 pieces that can be worn to make 30 different outfits. Many of the blouses can be worn in different ways etc. 

I’ve yet to purchase anything from this brand but know people who really love this retailer. It is definitely one-stop shopping if a capsule wardrobe is what you desire. This is a great place to start for your capsule wardrobe essential pieces, and at a great price. 

They work with factories in New York, LA, and Mumbai. All are focused on sustainability. The factory in India is fair trade certified and its focus is on empowering women. This is another brand you can feel good about shopping with.

Of course, I shop at loads of other places. Especially when I’m looking for more patterns and colors, but for the straightforward basics, the 8 essential pieces, these are my go-to spots. 

Before you start adding to your closet, I suggest you do a closet cleanout to clear things out and see what you have. This way you will be purchasing only what you need and filling the gaps in your closet.

If you need help with jewelry to go with your capsule wardrobe, I have some great ideas for you in this post about basic jewelry.

Let me know in the comments if you have a favorite place to shop for your basics. 

Please share this with a friend who could use some style love in the basics department.



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