Cute winter athleisure pieces for 2023

Winter athleisure outfit ideas abound in this post. Find the hot new athleisure items and some basics to keep you warm and stylish this exercise season.

Cozy sherpa blazer from Vuori

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5 years ago I took swim lessons. Yes, I was water safe but I didn’t have a stroke. I have a bad back and swimming is the best exercise for me as I feel no pressure in my spine. But I didn’t know how to exercise swim. So I got brave and decided to take lessons as a 47-year-old woman. It was a tad embarrassing, but the worst part. I took the lessons in January. It was FREEZING.

I know all my mid-western and east coasters are laughing at this California girl, but it’s all relative. No sun, sub 50 degrees in a tiny piece of lycra does not make for a cozy warm feeling. But it also motivated me to warm up fast when I jumped into the pool.

It was also my great reward to take a hot shower and put on my warm post-workout gear after each lesson or practice.

My point; I strongly dislike being cold. Especially while exercising. When I go for a winter hike or walk I look like the Michelin man.

Today I’m sharing some winter athleisure ideas with you that will bring you into 2023. Working out in the winter has a different set of needs and problems. I want to help you figure your winter athleisure out so that nothing gets in your way of getting your swell on in the winter months.

How do you wear athleisure in the winter?

The key to athleisure wear in the winter is layers and material choices. If you are going to and from a studio or gym workout, the key is a good coat. If you are exercising outside, then you need thicker materials and lots of layers to do so effectively.

A typical winter athleisure outfit should consist of:

  • Thick or lined leggings
  • Jog bra or workout top
  • Long sleeved shirt
  • Sweatshirt
  • Jacket
  • Hat

Most of you need to make a quick run from the car to the workout and then errands after. I’ll be focusing on these types of athleisure today.

I’ll go through each layer that makes up a solid winter athleisure outfit and you can pick and choose from the pieces you like or need.

Is athleisure still a thing?

It is still wildly popular. But with the return to the office growing, it’s becoming more of something you wear to work out or lounge at home. Not 24/7 like we all did in 2020. If athleisure wear is new to you, check out this post that gives a more detailed explanation of the concept.

While I wear some sort of athleisure almost every single day to work out. It’s important to get dressed too. Wear real clothes. Wearing hard pants makes you feel more alive and is something we should all do now and again.

So let’s get you toasty and ready to hit the exercise class or gym near you.

Jackets as the top layer

A jacket gets you to and from in comfort and style. As it is with your real clothes, your third piece is a great way to tie everything together.

The dusty pine sherpa is on point for winter this year. Love the color. And it looks so warm and cozy. It’s cropped, which isn’t my favorite, but with high-waisted legging, it will cover the midsection. This comes in two other colors.

The hooded sherpa gives you some extra coverage and warmth. It’s great to have something longer that you can wear for times when you don’t feel comfortable with your rear showing.

The sherpa blazer is something different. It’s a casual but unique option. Note that it doesn’t have any sort of closure so it won’t be as warm. It does offer booty coverage and if you live in a warmer climate this could be a great pre and post-workout option.


A good shirt is vital in your winter athleisure looks. Either to keep you warm coming and going, while you’re out on the trails or to work out it. These are some great options.

Wrapped shirt. This ballet-looking shirt is adorable and elevates any workout attire. It’s also very functional if you wear it for your workout. This comes in a few colors.

The blue t-shirt is such a pretty color and so easy to wear for your workout. I’m at the point in my life where I no longer wish to wear a tight workout shirt. This looser-fitting short sleeve alone is a perfect solution.

Having a long sleeve shirt is important for a solid winter workout closet. I love the stripes on this one, but there are solid color options as well. This is a great layer to add over a shorter t-shirt or jog bra and can be a layer to wear to and from or what you wear to work out.

Leggings the key piece to winter athleisure

If you wear leggings you can never have too many. There is always a new pair in a new silhouette, print, or color to add to your collection. These are all winter-focused leggings.

Ribbed leggings are always the most comfortable. The fuschia purple color is bold and fun and these will take you from class to the grocery store. I love the two-tone look of these and the high rise. Everything this company makes is high quality.

I can’t believe it, but flare leggings are back. I am not sure how I feel about this, but I included them because I’m all about equal opportunity when it comes to leggings. If you love this style or are looking for something different, give these a try. I’d stick with the basic black because the flare is flair enough for me. But you do you.

These thermal-lined leggings are for you if you exercise in the cold or live in a climate with extreme temperatures. These will keep you warm and stylish at the same time. These happen to be on sale, so don’t delay as I suspect these will sell out.

Jog bras that are clean

I’m sure you saw or heard about the report that came out a month or two ago about sports bars and the high levels of plastics they contain. This caused me to think twice about the dozens of bras I have in my drawer that are from some of the brand names in the study. So I decided to try out some new bras from a clean company.

Jog bras

Enter Mate the Label. They are very transparent about their manufacturing process. The entire focus is on delivering clean clothes. I’m starting with their jog bras. So far they are great, I’ll report back on how they hold up, but I feel better knowing I’m not exposing myself to toxins in my bra.

Sweatshirts, the almost outer layer

No winter athleisure wardrobe is complete without a few good sweatshirts. I have not bought a good sweatshirt in some time, so I have a couple on my Christmas list this year. Fingers crossed, Santa will deliver.

This oversized crew neck sweatshirt is so good. It’s uber soft inside, covers the booty, and has the right amount of extra fabric to hang properly. It doesn’t look sloppy, but you do feel covered up and warm.

If you want a little more style in your sweatshirt, opt for this puff sleeve three-quarter length one. This will elevate any athleisure look. This would also work great with jeans, shorts, skirts, and lots of things in your regular wardrobe.

Sets for a complete winter athleisure look

Nothing makes a winter athleisure outfit look more pulled together than a matching set. It’s their entire job, to go with each other and make you look polished. They are also incredibly comfortable. It’s a win-win.

This space dye set in green can be worn to work out or lounge in. The deep color is beautiful and you only need to throw on a sweater or jacket if you need to leave the house. This is a tied-together look that is comfortable and easy to wear.

Elevated sweats are still a thing, and Mate the Label delivers them to you—clean. Meaning none of the gunky stuff goes into making your lounge set. These cropped thermal pants and matching boxy top are so cute and can take you from your couch to the gym or out running errands. It’s a great way to stay warm, stylish, and comfortable. These come in a bunch of colors and a pattern, but I like charcoal for its simple elegance.


Top off any winter athleisure look with a hat. The epitome of form and function. This can work while working out, or to and from.

Beanie with a poppom is always a fun outfit topper. Toasty and cute.

A wool baseball cap for warmth and style when you head out for your workout.

A beanie sans the pompom, but make it bold. These bright stripes add flair to your dark workout gear and keep you warm.

Now you’ve got a few ideas to freshen up your winter workout wear. Nothing feels better than hitting the gym in new gear. Let me know your favorite piece in the comments below.



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