Easy steps to make your winter capsule wardrobe feel new again

This winter capsule wardrobe will inspire you to refresh your capsule or closet with fun colors, patterns and/or trends.

Photo by Hannah Morgan

“Yes, is Louis Amatore available?”

“No, I’m sorry he’s not. May I take a message?”

“This is Sarah from the Savvy department at Nordstrom. The Theory blazer he ordered is in, wondering if I should still hold it for him.”

“Oh, in that case, hold on, I can get him for you……”

The dilemma

You see, I had asked for this beautiful green, cropped wool blazer with cuff sleeves and oversized buttons from my dad for Christmas. He was taking a nap when the Nordstrom saleswoman called.

I had a momentary (honestly about a split second) moral dilemma. 

I didn’t want to miss out on nabbing that blazer but felt guilty waking him; my dad never napped.

I decided all is fair in love and fashion, so I flew up the stairs two at a time to inform him he had a phone call. Never missing an opportunity to chat on the phone, he took the call.

Christmas morning that beauty was under the tree waiting for me.

Total brat, I know. 

But you have to understand at the time I was a budding professional. And, I wanted to climb that corporate ladder dressed like Carrie from Sex in the City.

I had big ideas about what I wanted to wear, but a very small budget to purchase such things. So I took every opportunity possible to get them in other ways, like Christmas gifts.

I had all the basics in place but needed a few bold pieces to take me where I really wanted to go with my clothes.

Have you ever felt this way about your wardrobe?

If so, the good news is, It doesn’t take much to accomplish this. Especially if you’re dressing from a capsule wardrobe. I talk a lot about capsule wardrobes around here and how to keep them current. One way is to add items at the change of each season. These can be layers in your color palette, accessories, shoes, introduce a new color scheme—lots of options here. This is an inexpensive way to play with a trend you like. Have fun with this, there are no rules just guidelines to help you keep your capsule in order.

Winter capsule wardrobe refresh

I recommend that my clients refresh their capsule each season.

This means that with a small outlay of cash, you can have a whole new look that you feel inspired to wear. Just like me and my green blazer all those years ago.

For inspiration to meet your version of Carrie Bradshaw-like style goals, I have an example of a winter capsule wardrobe refresh for you today.

All of these items work together and with your 8 essential pieces. But adding just a piece or two can make what you have in your closet feel new again. You do not have to have a capsule wardrobe to do this. A few key statement pieces to your non-capsule winter clothes can change the dynamics of your closet.

Let the swoon begin……

Winter wardrobe inspiration

This green gingham oxford with its feminine ruffle collar is darling, as is the blue polka dot shirt. Its masculine style is softened by the dots. Ant he pink stripe and ruffle t-shirt. This can take you through winter and into spring.

How fun are these green wooden bobble earrings? These spice up any outfit and are the perfect example of how an accessory can change your entire look. The gold beaded hoops are a great neutral but also provide a pop of style.

The black turtleneck and skirt sweater set. This is a great basic to plug in to your winter capsule wardrobe. The skirt is forgiving but holds things in well. Both pieces can be styled with other things and worn a million ways, but together it’s an elegant, classic look.

The pink puffy coat is an elevated option to stay warm and be super stylish at the same time (also at a great price). Add the plaid scarf and dusty pink mittens to make sure all your parts stay cozy.

Pink corduroy pants are a fun way to kick those winter blues to the curb, and so are these green pull on pants with geometric lines. Nothing boring about these bottoms, and they’d pair great with any of the tops or sweaters included here.

More items to refresh your capsule

This season is all about faux croc and I’ve got two pieces included here. This great purse that is the perfect size for wallet, keys, phone and a lipstick. But what about this green faux leather croc embossed skirt? So fun and different and I love the color, but you know me and green, it’s a problem. They also have it in purple if that’s more your thing.

Two sweaters to add texture to this capsule. The ivory open knit needs something underneath it but a layer will just add to the warmth. It’s also another change to add color to this otherwise neutral sweater. This Chanel looking black and white sweater is a classic. So fun with jeans, the pink cords shown here or a pencil skirt. Dress this one up or down.

On to shoes. Raise your hand if you had Reebok high tops? 🙋‍♀️ Right here. These are a fun twist on a high top with glitter and suede. And these snakeskin boots in tan add great texture to any look. Just enough cowboy boot vibe to make these interesting, they are a great height and work well with jeans, skirts and dresses alike.

Next steps for your capsule refresh

As always, I encourage you to dig through your closet because there are probably tons of things in there that you haven’t worn in a long time. Pull out the special items and rotate them in. Now is the special occasion, I give you permission to wear it. Choose a color palette for winter. 2-3 colors that all work together. I went with pink, green and a bit of blue. Only buy items in these colors, or that go with all three of these colors.

And don’t forget to use accessories. This is an inexpensive way to add flair, color, and personality to your wardrobe.





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