5 of the best women’s summer cotton pajamas

This post covers women’s summer cotton pajamas. Great options and places to purchase cute pjs to keep you cool.

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When it’s too hot, I can’t sleep.

I love being warm and cozy, but hot and sweaty, no thank you. It’s the worst and it wakes me up every single time.

So summertime calls for cool pajamas, and the best fabric I’ve found is cotton. A close second is silk, but sometimes it’s too clingy for a hot night. 

What is the best material for pajamas to keep you cool?

If you need all the help you can get to have a good night’s sleep during the summer months, lightweight 100% cotton pajamas work the best. They keep you cool and as a natural fiber, let your skin breathe. You can choose from cotton sets (shorts or pants) and nightgowns. This is a personal preference, but I like a mix depending on my mood, if I’m on vacation, or how hot it actually is. 

Are cotton pajamas warm? 

Nope. But you need to buy a lightweight, Pima, poplin or knit cotton, no they are not. These are my favorite types of cotton for sleepwear. 

If you need some ideas for where to buy women’s 100% cotton summer pajamas, I’ve got a few for you. No shock here I suppose. So let’s get you some cool pajamas for the hot summer nights ahead.

Click the photos or links below for details on all of the women’s summer cotton pajamas shown.

Women’s cotton summer pajama sets

This green tropical short set is so cute! Love the pattern and the fresh poplin cotton is to die for. This set comes in a bunch of different patterns, and this pattern comes in a pants and long-sleeve set as well as a nightgown. A soft Pima striped short set is a sporty fun option. Notice the ruffle detail that adds a feminine touch.

The strawberry fields pattern on this short set with coordinating bathrobe is darling. Add the coordinating bathrobe on chilly mornings or to extend the wear of the short set into the fall.

Women’s summer cotton pajamas

This striped tank nightgown made from Pima cotton is so, so soft and cool. The gingham spaghetti strap nightgown gives you exposed shoulders and extra level of coolness. This is also in the softest Pima cotton there is. This is a beautiful company with really lovely sleepwear, you should check them out.

Summer slippers

If you’re going to have summer pajamas, why not have some summer slippers to go with! These hot pink terry cloth slippers are not only supportive but washable. The patterned pool slides, which they suggest you don’t actually wear to the pool, are a perfect summer slipper. The fun pattern that has pjs to match and comfy bottom make these a summer must have. And if you’re going for luxury, check out these faux fur pink slides with a dragonfly brooch.

So there you have it, my answer to the question: what fabric is the best for summer pajamas, with examples and everything. I hope you stay cool this summer, especially at night. If you’re looking for some ways to stay cool during the day, then have a peek at this or this for some inspiration.





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