The yoga pants of summer 2020

Imagine if you can, a life with no yoga pants—anywhere. You can’t do it, can you? I know! They have become ubiquitous in our wardrobes. But once upon a time, long, long ago people would workout and they didn’t have yoga pants to wear!!!

I’ve been a gym rat since I was 16-years-old. I loved aerobics class and I had a fave workout outfit that I used to steal from my sister.  It was a Nike half top and matching high rise bottoms (it looked like a bathing suit), orange and white horizontal stripes—something only a 16-year-old can get away with wearing. And, I had nude tights I wore under the bottoms. Thick, textured tights to hold me in while I danced around exercising. Can you imagine that now? I’m sure the police would be called if I showed up anywhere in nude tights and a leotard. What can I say, it was the 80’s, I was working with what I had.

We’ve come a long way since then in terms of options for workout wear. Now workout pants actually hold us in, are comfortable, and can be worn to run errands on our way to and from the gym or studio. No more nude tights. Proof that there is a God.

Wanna look good when you’re heading out to go throw weights around at the gym or exercise studio? I’ve got some great ideas for you. Each of the companies shown here cater to women of all sizes. Everyone deserves to look and feel good when they are moving their bodies.

The benefits of wearing high-quality workout clothes are:  they hold things in place, gives you a lift where you may need it, and make you feel more confident when you head out to the exercise studio. Who doesn’t want that??

Take a look at what I’ve pulled together for you below. Click the photos for the details.

Avocado is a new brand to me. They are based in LA and have a cool, edgy style. “As you are” is their motto. ❤️

I like the longer bra. If you’re brave enough, you can wear this with high waist pants. Only a sliver of your midriff is revealed.

If you zoom in on these, they are ribbed. Almost a knit, but they hold you in better. Cozy and soft.

I love this so much and would wear this way beyond to/from the studio. The sleeves, the color, the v-neck. This one is on order.

Girlfriend Collective is an eco-friendly company. I have a pair of their leggings that are made out of recycled water bottles, so cool. Look at the tie waist on these, it’s a unique feature. These also come in a great red/orange color, Poppy.

Vimmia is a small brand that makes great pants. I have two pair, and love them. They hold things in, wash well and are comfortable. When you get tired of wearing black, this blue is a nice option.

Zyia is a young company. They have great prices, and the garments are good quality. You purchase through a rep, I have a great one, that can help you with anything, including sizing as it does vary product by product in this brand. You’ll be taken to her site if you click through, or I can get you her direct contact info. Sheila for the win!

These are so fresh and fun. Big flowers make me happy.

This comes in a handful of colors and has the cool twist that can be worn in the front or the back. Cool.

Now, a few words of caution. The main function of exercise pants is to wear them when you work out. Not all day long, every day. The material they are made of does not let your skin breathe properly and if bacteria gets trapped in them, it can wreak havoc. You should take them off as soon as you can after your workout, even if you can’t shower right away, put on clothes that are made of more natural and breathable fabric.

I know it’s a weird time right now and many are still staying close to home, so yoga pants are a go-to each morning. I do it too. I challenge you to wear them for your work out, then get yourself dressed in regular clothes. There is no easier way to lift your spirits than to put on a cute outfit, dress that you love, or pants that make your booty look rockin’. Add some earrings and lipstick and my friend, you are ready to take on your day. Try it and see how you feel.

Let me know in the comments which brand of workout wear you like.

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